Laval University banishes water bottles

Université Laval officially announced Thursday the withdrawal of bottled water on its campus, which will be effective September 1st.
The campus’s main food operators and student cafés had already voluntarily stopped selling bottles of water as part of the collaborative approach to responsible food, the school said in a statement.

The removal of water bottles is in addition to other disposable plastic items such as utensils, straws, sticks and coffee-milk containers, says spokeswoman Andree-Anne Stewart.

A study to monitor the evolution of the withdrawal of water bottles on campus and to determine the effects on consumption habits and the environment will be conducted by a team of researchers from Laval University. The results will contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge on the subject, explains the establishment.

The University intends to continue the collaborative approach to responsible food by further reducing the use of all single-use items on campus, including all drinks in plastic bottles. It also wants to reduce residual materials such as individual condiment packs, coffee glasses and single-use take-out containers as well as bi-material packaging at the source.

Other actions that will be pursued include: increasing the supply of local and sustainable foodservice products, increasing the vegetarian and vegan supply on campus and the use of vegetable proteins; the recommendations of Canada’s New Food Guide to Healthy Eating and Fighting Food Waste.

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