“Le temps d’unété”, the most profitable Quebec film of the year

“Le temps d’un eté”, highest-grossing Quebec film of the year”

Patrice Robitaille in “Time for a Summer”.

The film Le temps d'unété, directed by Louise Archambault, became the highest-grossing Quebec film this year on Monday, with receipts of $1.6 million. < /p>

The feature film scripted by Marie Vien, which was released on July 14, got off to a strong start, reaching the $500,000 mark in box office receipts in six days.  

For comparison, the films The Shoemaker(2023) and The Diver (2023) reached half a million dollars between their second and third week in theatres.  

Starring Patrice Robitaille, the film tells the story of Marc Côté, a priest whose Montreal church is threatened with closure. After inheriting the Gaspé estate from a wealthy Scotsman, he decided to transform the place into a shelter for homeless people.  

Distribution also counts, among others, Martin Dubreuil, Sébastien Ricard, Élise Guilbault and Guy Nadon.  

Time for a summer is still playing, notably at Cinéma Beaubien, Cineplex Odéon Quartier Latin and Ciné Starz Langelier.  

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