Legault not worried about the presence of truckers in Quebec

Legault is not worried about the presence of truckers in Quebec

Racist, misogynistic and otherwise hateful signs were displayed proudly during demonstrations surrounding the convoy of truckers in Ottawa.

Premier François Legault wants to reassure the citizens of Quebec about the presence of demonstrators against health measures in the capital. In his opinion, the situation is not worrying.

He says he is “totally” satisfied with the work of the police on the spot so far, who have managed to contain the demonstrators in an airtight perimeter. The elected official invites the citizens of Quebec to participate in the Carnival and to visit local restaurants despite the presence of truckers. “It's going well and we won't be disturbed,” predicts Mr. Legault. Like his right-hand man last night, he insisted that the situation was very different from that in Ottawa.

“We may have benefited from the experience of what happened in Ottawa, he confessed at a press conference on Friday. You can't compare the two situations.”

What we want is for citizens to continue to live normally. We will not tolerate at all that trucks prevent citizens from circulating.

François Legault

The security of the premises is ensured, he indicates, and no overflow will be tolerated on site. “We have a lot of tow trucks ready,” he said. To be sure, the Prime Minister spoke with the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, with whom he will remain in contact over the weekend.

None of the 125 deputies of the National Assembly, including Claire Samson of the Conservatives, intends to meet the demonstrators on the spot. The Prime Minister has underlined this, and is delighted with it.

Here to stay

In Ottawa as in Quebec, the demonstrators oppose the maintenance of sanitary measures. Among them is the introduction of the vaccine passport. However, this measure is here to stay, assured François Legault.

“I've been listening to Public Health recommendations for 23 months,” he replies to his critics. I understand Quebecers for being bored, but it is a balance to have with the situation of hospitals, where there are still deaths.

François Legault praised his administration, which accelerated the administration of the third dose. He added that the Minister Delegate for Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, met “almost one by one” with the non-vaccinated to convince them to reach out.

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