Legault ready to discuss with the convoy against health measures

Legault ready to discuss with the convoy against health measures

The Prime Minister, François Legault, gave a press briefing in the company of the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, and the acting National Director of Public Health, Dr. Luc Boileau.

Prime Minister François Legault says he is open to discussing with the members of a potential convoy against health measures that would be heading towards Quebec. Some individuals plan to jammer” the capital next weekend.

“I am always available to meet people who are in good faith to try to see how we can help them answer their questions, their concerns, “said the elected official during a press briefing on the health situation in Quebec.

François Legault indicated that he hopes that the demonstrators will act “with respect” and reiterated that the right to demonstrate “is important”. His cabinet has already had discussions about additional security that could be added around the National Assembly.

Like Ottawa?

One of the organizers of the Festival des Gaulois en Beauce, whose objective was to demonstrate against sanitary measures, Kevin Bilodeau, wants to reproduce the movement of truckers observed in Ottawa in Quebec City. A convoy of cars against sanitary measures would leave Beauce in the direction of Quebec on Thursday.

“It’s to put pressure everywhere, in no way to divide the people, he explains in a video. There are people who cannot go to Ottawa.”

The same day, a convoy should leave the Côte-Nord to head for the capital. It would go from Port-Cartier to Baie-Comeau before going to Quebec. One of the troop leaders is Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, a trade unionist known across Quebec for his time on the Charbonneau commission.

Mr. Gauthier was looking to raise donations, in a video posted Monday evening. He even asked the FTQ-Construction to finance the convoy. Union president Éric Boisjoly dismissed the possibility in an interview with The Canadian Press.

With respect

The mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, agrees with François Legault. He asks protesters to act with respect. However, his concern about the arrival of the demonstrators is high.

“It worries me a lot. We are in a period where we are trying to create hope to give to the people of Quebec, he commented. If there were obstacles to accessing businesses, it would be a disaster.”

The Quebec Winter Carnival is due to begin during the weekend.

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