Lesbian visibility day: Coco Belliveau and Sarahmée featured!

Lesbian Visibility Day: Coco Belliveau and Sarahmée featured!

Rapper Sarahmée for her new album, Russian Doll./Josie Desmarais/Metro

The Lesbian Visibility Day (JVL) of the Quebec Lesbian Network (RLQ), which will be held on April 23, is doing things big for its 40th anniversary with entertainment by comedian and spokesperson Coco Belliveau and the participation of the rap singer Sarahmée, nothing less.

If the international lesbian community celebrates its day on April 26, the RLQ invites us to meet tomorrow at the Ideal bar and contents in Montreal.

We will be able to attend a whole day of discussions on lesbophobia and the visibility of the community with various activists and organizations, including Interligne and the Fédération des femmes du Québec.

The day will conclude with the presentation of honors in the company of the recipients, including Sarahmée, who receives the “visibility” award this year.

And with comedian Coco Belliveau and cultural journalist Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau as presenters, there's no risk of getting bored during the evening.

Down with invisibility!

The exchanges of the day will also be the subject of three podcasts which will be rebroadcast on April 26 online. The last debate will be reserved for the subject of the JVL's 2022 campaign, “Invisibilizing is discriminating”.

The RLQ has in fact been deploying for almost a month a campaign broadcasting around thirty portraits of women on social networks and in a print zine.

The goal: to promote sexual diversity and raise awareness of lesbophobia, a form of discrimination that still prevents many women to come forward.

“Lesbians are too often overlooked when it comes to talking about discrimination and prejudice, says Julie Antoine, director general of the RLQ, to such an extent that the word “ lesbophobia” still isn't part of some dictionaries!”

Anyway, as Billy Eichner of Billy on the Street says,let's go lesbians!

For more details on Lesbian Visibility Day, you can visit the official website of the event.

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