Less than 100,000 Montrealers without electricity

Less than 100,000 Shown ;alais deprived of electricity

Hydro-Québec estimates that it is well on its way to achieving its objective, established on Saturday morning, of reconnecting one million customers by Sunday evening. More than 975,000 subscribers have been restored to power since the onset of power outages caused by the ice storm that hit the province mid-week.

At the height of the crisis, nearly 1,125,000 households found themselves plunged into darkness.

In Montreal, the number of people deprived of services has fallen below 100,000. A sign that the work carried out by the team of the state-owned company is bearing fruit, despite the frustration of some Montrealers about the situation.

A total of 98,000 people are without electricity in Montreal, according to the latest report from the energy supplier. Saturday morning, around 190,000 customers were then disconnected.

“We give priority to interventions that restore service to the greatest number of customers at the same time and are now dealing with a large number of outages that only affect between 10 and 50 each. . This explains why the number of households and businesses without power is decreasing less rapidly than the first two days,” Hydro-Québec said in a press release.

The evolution of the situation can be consulted by clicking here. 

“Do not go near electrical wires”

At the same time as this encouraging report, Hydro-Québec is issuing safety instructions to citizens. The state corporation reminds you that it is important not to approach electrical wires that are on the ground as well as objects that may be in contact with these cables.

In such circumstances, citizens are invited to report it to 911. Hydro-Québec reiterates that lighting or heating devices designed outdoors, due to the risk of asphyxiation and poisoning.

The company also warns of fraudulent messages that could circulate, insisting that “these messages are not from us”.

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