Literature: Lili Boisvert dissects toxic relationships with “Match”

Litt&eacute ;Rature: Lili Boisvert dissects toxic relationships with «Match» /></p>
<p> Lili Boisvert </p>
<p><em>Match</em>, the new novel by our colleague Lili Boisvert, hits the guts. This intimate story dissects with painful lucidity the insidious mechanisms of a toxic relationship.</p>
<p>“Have you ever thought about suicide?” It is on this highly inappropriate question – even more so when it is the only one asked on a first <em>date</em> after having spent the evening talking only about oneself – that opens the novel.</p>
<p>That should have set off alarm bells for Emilie. Yet, in a mixture of curiosity and empathy, she gets caught in the cracks of Ludwig's net.</p>
<p>After all, she's a strong woman and he's a weak man. Through this myth skilfully deconstructed over the pages, the protagonist excuses the daily humiliations that her lover inflicts on her.</p>
<p>It's hard not to draw a parallel between the career of Émilie – who is nicknamed Milie – and Lili's. Both are journalists who are publicized for their feminist speaking out.</p>
<p>This makes reading this book all the more disturbing and writing this book all the more courageous. Lili Boisvert does a useful job by describing from the inside a form of violence that is difficult to identify.</p>
<p>Her story, superbly put together, is gripping and reads in one go, between captivation and amazement.</p>
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He constantly demanded that I apologize to him. I did it to buy peace. During this year and a half of relationship with him, I made more excuses than in all the rest of my life.

Excerpt from Match

Match by Lili Boisvert, published by VLB editions, is in bookstores.

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