Literature: we love Charlotte Biron's “Jardin radio”

Litt&eacute ;rature: we love «Jardin radio» by Charlotte Biron

Charlotte Biron

Despite the color of its cover, the sensitive and gripping story that Charlotte Biron tells us in Jardin radio< /em> is far from rosy. It is that of illness, hospitalizations, operations, convalescence. It's the coldness of the healthcare system, the distance taken by loved ones, the slowing pace of life.

To accompany her through these ordeals, the narrator, suffering from a tumor in the mouth takes refuge in the radio. She listens to interviews, podcasts and current affairs shows. She finds her voice, which she temporarily loses, in those of inspiring personalities who uplift her and help her through these difficult times.

In precise, poetic and uncompromising writing, Charlotte Biron recounts the illness experienced from the inside, without misery or complacency.

Failing to be able to understand the disease in a calm and calm way, failing to find the strength to speak about the violence of language and the access to health care, I write that I would like to hear the sound of waiting, the sound of silence and four years of operations.

Excerpt from Jardin radio

Litt&eacute ;rature: we love «Jardin radio» by Charlotte Biron

Jardin radio is on sale in bookstores at Le Quartanier editions.

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