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Living on love and fresh water? Hmm. Rather Love and sex, according to Karen and J.u.D, the duo behind the podcast of the same name whose favorite subjects we let you guess. Métro went to meet them to talk about the project… and Valentine's Day! 

The weekly podcast broadcast on CHOQ – and other listening platforms – was born five years ago. Born from a friendly chemistry, it reproduces with a familiar tone the kind of conversations that take place at the end of a drunken evening and which revolve around oral sex, anal relations, infidelities, open couples or even of flirt for one evening. 

A podcast that addresses love and sexuality, it is not unique. But it's all in the way of doing it, believes the animation duo.

“Most podcasts[of the genre] we listen to, only girls do them. Having the perspective of a guy and a girl is something that is close to our hearts. Even with the guests, we try to keep the parity”, explains J.u.D.  

In addition, Karen comes from France, while J.u.D is a pure Montrealer, which brings different perspectives. This multicultural aspect is also present in the pool of guests, who are often friends of the hosts.  

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Interview cu(L)pidon 

Is Valentine's Day overrated? 

Karen: I have my single side that tells me that it's not important, Valentine's Day; no need for a special day. But on the other hand, if I was in a relationship, I would like to celebrate it. 

J.u.D: Anything non-couple is overrated . Leave Valentine's Day to people in relationships. We have all the rest of the year, us singles!  

THE cliché we have to stop? 

Karen: Proposing to someone that day. 

J.u.D: Getting married on Valentine's Day.    

Both: Filming what you receive on Valentine's Day to publish it on Instagram is a bit cheesy.  

Your must-haves for the upcoming February 14?  

Karen: A cheeky romantic comedy, orgasms, chocolate and flowers. 

J.u.D: A pounding heart (yes, the show with Roy Dupuis), gummy bears (not sour, that's important!), orgasms and flowers. 

Two is better?

At the start of each episode, the duo always asks the same question: “How do you shoot your shot < /em>about you?” In other words, how do we get your attention?  

The hosts and the guest then exchange a kind of heartfelt letter (or ass letter, depending!) recount experiences or express opinions. When we've done the trick, we change the subject.  

“We have a plan, each episode is structured, but we adapt to the guest and the energy that we will all have together”, explains Karen.  

Among the public figures who went to the Love and sex microphone, we count among others Mona de Grenoble, Eddy King, Freeman of Occupation double Martinique and Thomas Levac.  

As for Karen and J.u.D, the duo admits to getting on each other's nerves “very often”, but ensures that they have the ability to argue and work anyway by betting on each person's strengths.  

“Me, I have a lot more the human side, putting people at ease, the relational side,” explains Karen, who works in communications and radio for several years. J.u.D, who is a graphic designer and evolves in the music world, has a very technical and diligent side.  

Don't worry, they also have something in common: having the “worst love life”, evenly! 

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