“Live”: the timeless humor of Simon Gouache

«Live”: l&rsquo ;timeless humor by Simon Gouache 

Simon Gouache launched his third one-man show on Tuesday.

Very little present on television, radio or social networks, unlike many comedians, Simon Gouache bases his career almost exclusively on his stage shows. And it works. The comedian is a real expert in stand-up and Live, his third one-man show launched Tuesday at the Olympia in Montreal, amply proves it. 

Barely a few moments after his arrival on stage, Simon Gouache, explaining that he discovered morning life since he was a father, offers a Hilarious and hilariously accurate imitation of Hi Hello. He makes fun of the show's sequence of subjects at a frantic pace every morning for four hours: at 7:20 a.m., we show how to cook a beef bourguignon, and when he returns from the break, Gino Chouinard has an iguana on his shoulder. .  

The show has just started and the audience is already bent over backwards. The comedian will not let go throughout the next 90 minutes, chaining a rolling fire of jokes that make you laugh non-stop, without downtime.   

Simon Gouache is a fine storyteller. His text is precise. Every word, every comma, every pause, everything is well placed. When a joke makes you laugh, he adds, pushing the hilarity even further. And as if that weren't enough, in addition to telling his jokes, the comedian plays them, evocatively mimicking what he is making fun of.  

The themes of these gags are very often commonplace. His laziness, the ridiculousness of high gastronomy, the differences between men's and women's toilets, dating apps, a visit to the in-laws, the Montrealer who moves to the suburbs or baldness are all topics covered in the show Live, themes that could seem already seen, threadbare.  

But when Simon Gouache tackles it, it's as if they were new, as if the comedian had found the magic formula to bring a breath of fresh air to beginnings that might seem as old as the world. His humor thus appears universal and timeless. 

Live is touring across Quebec. The show will be back in Montreal on March 9 and 10 and April 6.  

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