Local gifts that everyone likes

Local gifts that please to all

Finding a gift for your partner, sister or mother is fine, it's not too much of a headache. But when you have to give a present to someone you don't half know, the task can be a little more difficult. Metro is coming to the rescue! 


Everybody drinks, everybody eats, you can't go wrong wrapping beautiful pieces of tableware. That's good, several local companies offer original creations of high quality. this pretty porcelain cup. The colors offered are particularly pretty.  

Price: $44.99 

Local gifts that everyone likes

Photo: Arloca

Assortment of spices 

And since everyone has to get their hands dirty, we might as well offer them some something to spice up their dishes, such as spice or condiment boxes. 

Kanel, A Spice Affair or the Épices de cru boutique at the Jean-Talon market offer tasty assortments.  

Our recommendation: this starter kit of Vintage Spices containing essentials for both amateurs and pros in the kitchen. Smoked Paprika, Turkish Bay Leaf, Nutmeg, Korean Chilli, Malabar Black Pepper, Vegetable Spices, Madras Curry, Mixture of Mediterranean Herbs, Cinnamon 00000 and Madagascar Vanilla. 

Price: $78.50

Local gifts that appeal to everyone

Photo: Spice Trekkers

Bathroom items 

Other evidence: everyone washes. (At least, we hope so). Handcrafted soaps, a beautiful bath towel, or bath items will please everyone. 

The Weeds boutique on Plaza Saint-Hubert is well equipped in this area. < /p>

We recommend the discovery set of natural soaps: four vegan soaps with bewitching scents, hand-crafted with organic ingredients from us. 

Here they are:  

  • River Soap – eucalyptus & sea ​​air: diffuses calm, relaxation and positivity. Friend of oily skin!  
  • Forest Soap – evergreens: soothing and purifying. 
  • Prairie Soap – herbs & citrus: lightly exfoliating, extremely gentle. 
  • Natural Soap – fragrance-free: popular with reactive and problem skin! 

Price: $35.96 

Local gifts that everyone likes


A bottle of water 

In addition it's eco-friendly, a nice bottle of water will help the person to whom you offer it to drink the recommended two liters of water per day. 

The Canadian chain MEC has one. wide selection. 

The 946ml Wide Mouth Bottle from Hydro Flask is one of their most popular, available in multiple colors. Made of stainless steel, with a handle for easy transport, it keeps the liquid at the desired temperature for long hours. 

Price: $53.95 

Local gifts that appeal to everyone

Photo: MEC

A gourmet basket 

Quality products meticulously concocted by small local businesses are always greatly appreciated . 

La grande gourmandise, a company specializing in gourmet gifts, offers a wide range. 

The Balade au Québec box includes nine quality products from all regions of the Quebec, like a beef terrine from Bas-Saint-Laurent, a fruity herbal tea from the Eastern Townships, or an organic maple butter from Chaudières-Appalaches. The set comes in a locally made wooden box with a ribbon in the color of your choice. 

Price: $139 

Local gifts that everyone likes

Photo: The great delicacy

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