Louise Harel appointed chair of the Montreal French language committee

Louise Harel named president of the committee on the French language of Montreal

Louise Harel and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: a love story that has lasted 40 years.

Former member of the National Assembly and former leader of the opposition Louise Harel will chair the committee on the French language of the City of Montreal.

The composition of the committee, which will have the mandate to advise and support the City in the implementation of its Action Plan for the Promotion of the French Language 2021-2024, was unveiled Friday morning. « I am honored to chair the Ville de Montréal committee on the French language. French is our common language, and we must make sure to promote it,” said Louise Harel.

Ms. Harel was the Member of Parliament for the riding of Hochelaga in the National Assembly from 1981 to 2008 and held various ministerial positions under various Parti Québécois governments. She also ran as a candidate for mayor of Montreal in 2013, before joining the economist Marcel Côté a few months after the announcement of her candidacy.

Jean-Philippe Alepins, Louise Beaudoin , Anne Lagacé Dowson, Stella Guy, Aida Kamar, Stanley Péan, Lin Zi Shang and Elkahna Talbi will also sit on this committee alongside Ms. Harel. 

The president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal and responsible for the French language, Dominique Ollivier, said she was proud of the composition of the committee given its great diversity. 

“The members of the committee come from community, cultural, economic and public policy backgrounds. Together, they will be able to offer various points of view on the state of the French language in Montreal and original measures to stimulate its use. I am convinced that they will be able to showcase our beautiful common language, while promoting the Francophone character of our metropolis,” she said. 

The French language committee aims also to mobilize the Montreal community around the influence and promotion of the use of French as a common language, to strengthen the positioning of Montreal as a French-speaking metropolis of the Americas and to sensitize institutional and governmental partners to the realities of Montreal. 

The creation of this committee, which was recommended last June by the executive committee, was an election promise made by the mayoress of Montreal, Valérie Plante. A first committee meeting is scheduled for March 9.

Creation of two recognition awards

In addition, two recognition awards will be created this year by the City of Montreal, namely the “Recognition Award” and the “Coup de Coeur Project”, we let it be known in a press release.

< p>The Recognition Award for Promoting the French Language will be awarded to people who have made an exceptional contribution to the promotion of the French language in Montreal.

The Project Coup de Coeur prize will be , reserved for Montreal organizations that have carried out a project that has significantly contributed to the use or influence of French in Montreal.

The parameters of the prizes as well as the details concerning the nominations will be announced on March 20 , on the occasion of the International Day of La Francophonie.

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