Love (the real one!) Is in the meadow

Love (the true!) is in the previous;

The contestants for the 10th season of “Love is in the meadow” and Katherine Levac

Love is in the meadow is back for a 10th season and continues to gain popularity. But why do we in Quebec love this dating show against a background of liquid manure so much?

It would be first and foremost because it rakes much larger than the majority of other dating-based reality shows. Among its participants, there are as many young academics in their twenties as retirees. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“It’s easier to relate to the participants of this show than to others. We are less into glamor and beauty stereotypes, and more in the real world, ”believes Véronique Jodoin, psychotherapist and lover of the show. & Nbsp;

There is Also usually has less drama in Love is in the Meadow than in Double Occupation . “These are happy love stories that end well,” adds the human behavior specialist.

Purity in love & nbsp;

What appeals most to Éliane Duplessis, collaborator of the The Secret Life of Geekettes podcast, is the authenticity of the candidates of the 'episode. She believes this is also what attracts the majority of her audience. & Nbsp;

“The participants are here for the right reasons. They don't want to increase their visibility on social networks. They want to find love. “& Nbsp;

And that goal is often achieved! & Nbsp;

In ten seasons, the Quebec series has formed 14 lasting couples, who have seen the birth of no less than 26 children! & Nbsp;

“It's beautiful to see people fall in love for real”, rejoices the Geekette . & nbsp;

The return to the earth & nbsp;

Besides the authenticity, to justify his appreciation of the program, Éliane Duplessis evokes the discovery of the agricultural environment on television. & nbsp;

“For many Quebecers, it is the daydream of a return to the land, to ancestral values. This is the image we have of a certain simplicity in life. A dream that feels good. ”& Nbsp;

Last winter, reality TV generated an average of 1,250,000 views online and rallied some 673,000 spectators on each show, according to Numéris data. & nbsp;

The 10th season of L & rsquo; amour est dans le pré will be presented on Noovo from Thursday January 13 at 8 p.m.

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