Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini conclude Lasso in style

Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini end Lasso on a high note

Luke Bryan

The second day of Lasso was much busier than the first. So much so that the organizers will confirm in the coming hours that the event will be back in 2023. And the spectators who had come had definitely done so knowingly in front of the proposed program. Summary of the evening hosted by Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini.

Luke Bryan empties the bars

Country superstar Luke Bryan was highly anticipated at the Lasso Festival. As soon as Kelsea Ballerini's concert ended, festival-goers who were on the side of the stage that would become unoccupied during her performance almost all went to the area in front of the stage where Nick Suzuki's “favorite” artist was going to perform. . He also addressed the crowd between the two concerts. 

Let's get back to Luke Bryan, he started with I Don’t Want This Night to End , Kick the Dust Up and Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye before being served a shot and a margarita on stage for One Margarita. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset and Hunting’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day followed, just after he asked the crowd if sex was part of their late-night plans. 

In a humorous number, Bryan s sat down at the piano “to remember his Canadian classics”. He thus made the crowd languish by playing a few notes of Man! I Feel Like A Woman before mumbling the chorus while laughing. Then we got a serving of Everything I Do, I Do It For You, and another from Summer’s of 69 where the voices of festival-goers were featured more. He then took a long pause, acting out a moment of reflection. “I'm trying to remember a bit of Celine Dion, but all I can think of is Leonardo DiCaprio,” he said without playing any notes from the Charlemagne singer. He then continued with his song Strip It Down.

Drink A Beer, Knockin' Boots, Movealso generated good reactions. Then came the final stretch of the concert with Play It Again, Rain Is A Good Thing, That's My Kind Of Night and the encore, Country Girls (Shake It For Me) for a crowd that was clearly won over and danced and sang the night away. Forget curiosity, those who were there knew the 46-year-old artist's repertoire very well. 

The only downside was at the bars where beer became rather rare at the end of the evening. By looking, however, you could find some in the counters further from the stage.

The charisma of Kelsea Ballerini

Luke Bryan and Kelsea Ballerini end Lasso on a high note

Kelsea Ballerini (Photo: Frédérique Ménard-Aubin/Courtesy Evenko)

Preceded by Man! I Feel Like A Woman as music on hold, it was on Miss Me More that Kelsea Ballerini entered the stage. Quickly chaining with Love Me Like You Mean It, Dibs and Legends, the pop country singer took up all the space available to her on stage and more throughout his performance. His talent, his charisma and his charm will have definitely marked.

Speaking to the public for the first time, she revealed that it was her first visit to Montreal and that she was “obsessed” with the city, even going so far as to say that she was there. would move anytime if the crowd wanted it. Despite appearing at the Festival d'été de Québec in the first part of Lady Antebellum (now Lady A) in 2017, she added that she did not expect to see so many festival-goers on the floor for her show. “You're so loud!” she noted as several sang the lyrics to her songs.

After continuing with half of my hometown and I Quit Drinking, she stopped by saying that the reaction of the crowd made her giddy [giddy]. Then, recalling that she was launching a new opus, “Subject to change”, on September 23, she presented the extracts LOVE IS A COWBOY and HEARTFIRST in taking out his guitar…bought today in Montreal.

Indeed, the soon-to-be 29-year-old singer said she arrived in the metropolis on a commercial flight from New York on Friday. “They completely forgot to put the luggage in the hold. No one had their luggage when they arrived! So we had to go shopping today!” she explained, worrying about her hairstyle. 

During Hole In The Bottle, she is down to the floor to take part in several selfies and run along the security corridors. To such an extent that she forced to take a sip of water when she returned to the stage, completely out of breath from this race. The timing was right for the Homecoming Queen ballad. 

In conclusion, the singer from Knoxville, Tennessee presented her collaboration with The Chainsmoker, This Feeling.

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