Lullabies of pixies and enchanted

Berceuses enchantées et enchanted

The little daughter of Amos J. was a few days ago when Jérôme Fortin has contacted the singer to propose to him to resume, in English, the lullabies that he had endisquées in French six years earlier.

“I was immersed in the sweetness that follows the birth of a child, then that nothing else has as much importance that this new life that beats. The timing was perfect. It was clear that this was the right project for me. I said yes almost immediately, ” says the singer-songwriter cowansvillois that many have discovered in The voice, in 2017.

This is a bit much with this passage on tv that Jerome has contacted Amos.

“The idea of throwing my disk Lullabies enchanted English lived in me for a long time. I had worked the texts with the friend, a musician and translator Sylvain Trudel. I had tried to sing it myself, but it didn’t quite fit. As I am not bilingual, you heard my quebecois accent. It made it less real, less felt, ” says the songwriter and singer.

It is therefore set out in search of an interpreter. The accomplice with whom he collaborated within the groups Music to mouths, and the Merchants of memory, Olivier Brousseau, saw Amos at the Sunday program of VAT. Click.

“He knew him well, having traveled with him to Peru. He said to me : this is the singer you need. “

Of the timeless

A phone call, a meeting, and the project was already on the rails. Two years later, Magical Lullabies is officially launched.

Berceuses enchantées et enchanted


“I wrote these lullabies after the birth of my daughter, Marie-Soleil, there are already several years, but as I have often pointed out, they have a universal and timeless “, says Jerome.

Amos and him, both fathers of two children, were on the same wavelength as to the colour to give this new release. They have all reworked the directory, both the lyrics and the melodies.

“It was necessary because the tonic accents are not expressed necessarily in the same place, and an image is used in French does not always have an equivalence in English. For that it sounds instinctive, with a certain roundness, it might be necessary to redraft some passages ” points out Amos, who was chosen to sing in French one of the eleven titles.

“Everything is possible was a song perfect. We tried to translate it, but could not be something as well. And me, I really wanted to interpret it in its original version, ” says Amos.

The recording of the tracks was done in one day, in the soft and warm cocoon of a studio with the lights dimmed.

“We did two or three takes and already, everything was there,” recalls Fortin.

“I would close my eyes and when it came time to sing, I imagined with my baby in arms,” says Amos, who is also working on a fourth solo disc, in addition to being musical director of the project dance To a village.

Magical Lullabies (magical – is available on all digital platforms. “Because it must be of its time, it has chosen not to produce copies physical. What’s great with online music is that it knows no boundaries. It is a great pride to see these songs-there live any other way, for a different audience. “

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