Luminaire Authentik: the success story of an enlightened entrepreneur

Luminaire Authentik: the success story of an enlightened entrepreneur

The brilliant customizable creations entirely designed in Quebec by Luminaire Authentik have continued to multiply.

Since their appearance on the market in 2015, Luminaire Authentik's brilliant customizable creations entirely designed in Quebec have continued to multiply in businesses and residences across the province, whether at the chic French brasserie Place Carmin or the very popular Yamabiko Cafe in Sutton. Interview with the founder, Maude Rondeau.

Luminaire Authentik: the success story of an enlightened entrepreneur

Founded year: 2015

5 points of sale:
Showroom/Atelier Cowansville (head office): 1122, rue du S, Cowansville, QC J2K 2Y3
Showroom Montreal: 4893, rue Notre Dame O., Montreal, QC H4C 1S9
Showroom Toronto: 1027 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K3
Quebec Shop in Shop (Boutique without employees): 4220, 3e av. O., Quebec, QC G1H 6T1
Terrebonne Shop in Shop Espace Colibri: 937, rue des Forges, Terrebonne QC J6Y 0J9

Number of employees : 38

45% increase in turnover during the pandemic.

Number of luminaires produced to date: approximately 100,000


Your luminaires are chain products, but how does customization work? 

“The customer is invited to personalize his luminaire from A to Z. He can do it online or in store. He can choose the shape, the materials, the function of the lampshade then decide on the colors of its interior, its exterior, its rod, its wire, of which he can also choose the type, the length, etc. In all, no less than 2800 possibilities are available to him. We accompany him, we equip him to help him understand all the possibilities. We create a feeling of belonging from the customer to his luminaire, since he is the one who created it. It is unique.” 

Are the lights really made in Quebec? 

“Yes, once the luminaire has been personalized by the customer, we move on to the manufacturing stage, which is carried out by Quebec artisans in our factory in Cowansville. It lasts 8 to 10 hours. We also offer a quick collection which is a selection of our best models in our five best colours. The customer who visits us can leave directly with these.” 

Luminaire Authentik: the story of success of an enlightened entrepreneur  /></p>
<p>Courtesy, Lumnaire Authentik </p>
<p><strong>Where did you get the idea to start a lighting business when they are abundant in all the big hardware stores?</strong> < /p> </p>
<p>“It started from a personal need. I studied business before making a career in sales marketing for fashion brands, a job that allowed me to travel.  </p>
<p>While traveling in Europe, I developed a love for design and architecture. It was thanks to these European inspirations, and because I was tired of my work, that I had the idea. I needed to be able to apply my wildest ideas without having any barriers.  </p>
<p>Accessible, custom-made, personalized lighting by the customer: this was an offer that did not exist on the Quebec market.” </p>
<p><strong>Why is lighting so important to you?</strong> </p>
<p>“Light creates moods. You can play with the lighting depending on the atmosphere you are looking for. For example, a business must have lighting that highlights the product it wants to sell. A wine bar type restaurant is going to want a darker ambiance with more dramatic lighting. Our lights can meet all of these ambience needs.” </p>
<p><strong>Your company is said to be eco-responsible. Is she really?</strong> </p>
<p>“All the components of our lights come from companies within a radius of less than 30<strong></strong>km. All the design is made here, by artisans from here with raw materials [glass and aluminum, in particular] from here.” </p>
<p><img class=Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs? ?
You have to trust yourself, listen to your little inner voice, not be afraid to try new things. It is also necessary to surround yourself well, not to be afraid to ask questions, to call people in the same field. Entrepreneurial support exists. People are happy to give back their knowledge.

Companies that inspire you?
Béton Johnstone
Simons, “it's impressive the extent that [this Quebec company] has taken.”

Your favorite app?
Waze, because I have a lot to move around.

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