Luvo: so that it smells good at home

Luvo : so that çit smells good at home 

The Montreal brand Luvo has in stock a wide selection of perfumes, candles and other scent diffusers, all handmade in Verdun.

The cocooning season has arrived and you need comforting scents in every room of the house? That's good, the Montreal brand Luvo has in stock a wide selection of perfumes, candles and other scent diffusers, all handmade in Verdun! 

The company that smells good was created in 2021 by Antoine Benito, who arrived from France five years ago. It was his passion for candles and for the field of perfumery that led him to create Luvo. In his apartment, he designs and manufactures all the brand's products himself in an artisanal way.

His candles, for example, are poured by hand into cut wine bottles that Antoine collects from a factory before filling them with a mixture of coconut wax and perfume. Why this container? Because it’s reusable and dust doesn’t show through. The wick of the candles is made of double wood, for a sound that resonates and a flame that lasts.

Video of the process of creating a Luvo candle:


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To be in tune with the season, Antoine recommends perfumes: 

  • Fig & Birch Bark  
  • Wild Vetiver & Leather 

Perfume in all its forms 

In addition to candles, Luvo offers a whole range of items to perfume your home. In particular, there are home fragrances that can be sprayed in all rooms, on cushions or other decorative accessories.

But Luvo didn't stop there, and also offers novelties like reed diffusers to place in a room for long-lasting scent and liquid hand soaps sold in reusable glass bottles. Finally, if you're tired of the smell of little Christmas trees hanging in the car, Luvo has added scented hanging medallions to its inventory, perfect for freshening up the smell of small spaces.

Scented oil is also available to refill diffusers, melting wax or medallions with scents. This allows products to have a longer lifespan, while encouraging zero waste.

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Luvo's products are on sale in store at 3171 Wellington Street or online on the brand's website.

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