Making money with OnlyFans, is it easy? We tested it!

Making money with OnlyFans, is it easy? We tested it!

Creating an OnlyFans account without revealing too much skin, can it be profitable for Mr. and Mrs. Everybody? If so, is it a lot of work? M├ętro has tried it by posting pictures of feet. 


You must first create an account and above all have it approved. Because yes, we must validate our identity and our age with the platform by photographing an identity card and taking a picture with said card.

Making money with OnlyFans, is it easy? We tested it!

Thereafter, we must enter our banking information on the platform and wait 24 to 48 hours before receiving authorization to publish our content there.

Making money with OnlyFans, is it easy? We tested it!

On March 15, we received approval from the platform. Not wanting to show our face, we only uploaded a profile picture of our feet and a banner picture, again, of our feet. We then priced the monthly subscription at $4.99/month (it can go up to $50/month).  

Trial without advertising 

Test duration: 3 weeks  

Types of publications: six photos of our feet (taken from above, from below, with or without nail polish) and a video of our feet, in three weeks  

Subscriber count. e: 0 

Money brought back: 0$  

Test with advertising  

Test duration: 24 hours 

Photo types: photos of feet ( taken from above, from below, with or without nail polish)  

Platforms used to promote our OnlyFans account: Reddit (no interaction), Tinder (six likes), and two TikTok essays

Difficulties: TikTok's algorithm has a good reputation for Getting known on the platform, but not getting banned from TikTok for promoting explicit content or mentioning explicit content is a challenge. Our account has indeed been censored twice out of two.  

Number of subscribers: 0 

Money brought back: 0$  

< strong>5 things we remember 

  1. You'll understand, it's not that easy to make money on the platform if you don’t put effort into promoting content. However, it is possible to pay to promote your content on the platform or to create a trial link to allow people to try for free before subscribing. 
  1. Getting approved by the platform to create explicit content on it if you are of legal age is neither difficult nor time-consuming (not more than 48 hours). 
  1. Have a fanbase< /em> established beforehand certainly helps with notoriety on the platform. This was not our case and no one seems to have come across our account by chance.  
  1. Choosing to remain anonymous may adversely affect your earnings, since the promotion the quickest and easiest way would be to share your account with your real and Facebook friends and Instagram followers.   
  1. Even if you manage to make some money on the platform, you must make a minimum of $50 to be able to withdraw your profits .  
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