Manon Massé had heart surgery

Manon Massé has é ;been operated on in the heart

To her great regret, the solidarity Manon Massé will not be able to attend the celebrations planned this weekend as part of the Montreal Pride Festival.

“It's not that the heart is not there, it's that I had to entrust my heart to the good care of the Heart Institute because of an arrhythmia diagnosis”, explained the politician in a publication posted on social media on Friday.

The MP for Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques said she underwent surgery at the Montreal Heart Institute on Thursday and that the procedure went smoothly.

Even though she said she was feeling well and was being “cared for with little onions”, she will need some time to rest before she can resume her professional activities.

As for Pride, Manon Massé will be there “with the heart”, she launched, in a pun for the occasion. “I was looking forward to parade day. I was looking forward to finding the kiosks of the community days, to share a barbecue with you, to sing and dance with you”, she indicated.

“It’s so important to be in solidarity between the colors of the rainbow, between the letters of the acronym, especially this year, when the trans and non-binary community lives so of attacks. I was eager to tell you, ”argued the solidarity.

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