Marc Dupré: a host unparalleled

Marc Dupré: un hôte hors pair

Armed with a healthy dose of pop, a selection of occasions loved by the public, lighting and flamboyant guests known to the public, Marc Dupré has not failed in his task to make dance his floor.

December 10, 2019 23h53


Marc Dupré: a host unparalleled

Marc Dupré: un hôte hors pair

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


CRITIC / Host for the third time of the Holiday party in the Capitol, Marc Dupré has certainly developed an expertise in the field. And if he had to put away the clothes of the master of ceremony in recent years, we can say that he has not lost the hand, if we rely on the festive evening that he has driven on Tuesday.

Armed with a healthy dose of pop, a selections of occasions loved by the public, lights blazing and with the artists that his fans have come to know the competition tv show The voice — where he is these days its armchair — coach, Marc Dupré has not failed in his task to make dance his floor.

On nearly thirty titles in the program, half have been pigés in the directory of the host of the evening. Between Of happiness in the star chosen to start the festival in an explosion of confetti, and the choir We are the same kept for the dessert, Marc Dupré and his guests (Ludovick Bourgeois, Rick Pagano, Rafaëlle Roy, Jordan Levesque and Melissa Ouimet) have done all the time for the public of the Capitol all have a good time. The bracelets light delivered to the viewers have not missed opportunities to go on Tuesday.

Side songs of the season, Jordan Levesque joined Dupré for revisit December 23, Beautiful Damage, while Rafaëlle Roy and Melissa Ouimet, any sequin-clad, were made by Mariah Carey for themselves the time of the now-classic All I Want for Christmas is You. Rick Pagano took the stage for Baby Please Come Home.

In terms of parts of type “office party”, we have been served in a segment where The company creole with Elvis Presley, the Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston, or AC/DC. Again, the recipe is known, but the effect was festive guaranteed.


Marc Dupre has a few times given his hat to the comedian during his presentations. Sometimes for play, self-deprecating : “I dress like a guy of 22 years old, but I have 46 the same,”, he started, gasping for breath, after having played by the percussionist in the conclusion, There in my head. Sometimes for a bit of fun of his colleagues (or former colleagues) of The voice Garou, or Alex Nevsky. What open the door to a segment tailor-made for fans of the show, during which the ex-candidates were bitten in a bunch of times : of the intense Sneaks delivered by Rafaëlle Roy to the more burdensome Life Is a Highway or I Love Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll served as a gang. Ludovick Bourgeois has also had the opportunity to pay tribute to his father Patrick singing You never know.

Anxious to maintain contact with his audience, Marc Dupré has proven to be a facilitator dedicated, offering a bath of crowd on the floor during If to please you, and forward the same courtesy to the balcony the time to stay strong.

In the early evening, Ludovick Bourgeois had no trouble putting in his pocket an audience already well warmed up. After a sample of his parts to him — the success of which Desert Song and two new features that will be engraved on her second album, expected in February — and a first, a nod to his illustrious father (a Snob of BB), the young man was greeted by a standing ovation.

Marc Dupré and his guests settled in the Capitol for a residency of shows that will be on show until 3 January. A special performance will be available as of 22h to the December 31, those who wish to punch-out the year at the Capitol.

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