Marc Labrèche will host the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal

Marc Labrèche will host the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal

The one and only Marc Labrèche will host the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal ceremony, which annually rewards a cultural institution in the metropolis for its contribution to artistic vitality.

Ten cultural organizations are nominated this year. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize of $30,000 and an original work, created for the benefit of the winners.

A Jury Prize and a Public Prize, each worth $10,000 $, will also be awarded. Voting is now open for the Audience Award.

Each finalist also receives a $5,000 scholarship.

The 36th edition of the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal will take place on April 14 at the Palais des Congrès. It will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to the entire cultural community, which has been hard hit by the pandemic.

Who are the finalists?

Daphne Art Center: first artist-run Aboriginal center in Quebec , this space highlights the current practices in the visual arts of the first peoples.

Danse-Cité: this dance promoter developed in 2021 the audio description of choreographic works in order to to include the public with a visual limitation.

Festival Accès Asie: this multidisciplinary event presents each year the best of art from Asia, sparking exchange and dialogue between communities.

Poetry everywhere: this organization has the mandate to democratize poetry. In 2021, it made the voices of poets resonate in several Montreal neighborhoods.

Le Monastère: this cabaret puts forward several circus creations in addition to having an outdoor space in the summer, contributing to the revitalization of the city centre.

Les Forges de Montréal: guardians of built and intangible heritage, the Forges carry out various museum projects promoting crafts and transmission.

Nuits d'Afrique Productions : For 35 years, this promoter of shows has been showcasing artists from diverse backgrounds, particularly during its popular music festival.

Fair Directors: this organization has been campaigning for several years for parity in the film industry, while promoting Aboriginal women directors and those from diverse backgrounds.

Sisyphus (Lemieux Pilon 4D Art): Artist Victor Pilon wowed audiences in 2021 with a 30-day marathon performance, moving 50 tons of sand.

Violette(Joe Jack and John): this theatrical creation by Catherine Bourgeois addresses the notion of sexual consent among people with intellectual disabilities.< /p>

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