Marie-Claude Barrette unveils her new project

Marie-Claude Barrette unveils ;veils his new project 

Marie-Claude Barrette, who has just left TVA after spending 14 years there, today announced her new project. His podcast, entitled Open your game, will be available for free from April 17 on the various listening platforms.

Marie-Claude Barrette will receive a guest around her table for each episode with whom she will discuss, with an open heart, tailor-made questions that will be revealed by a deck of cards. &nbsp ;

“I was looking for a way to do interviews without interruption and to combine two of my greatest passions: human encounters and gaming,” explains the host in a press release. 

In the first excerpt from the podcast, Marie-Claude Barrette invites her guest, Laurent Paquin, to answer one of the following three questions: At what point in your life did you have to stand up? So far, what is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your life? What did you not receive from your parents that you missed? This is followed by reflections and, of course, confidences.

Guylaine Tremblay and Normand D'Amour will also be among the first guests to take part in the game.  

The one who was at the helm of Two Girls in the Morning , then from Marie-Claude —a program which ended this very morning—changes medium in order to be able to continue to be present with her audience and to talk to personalities.

“I like to make contact with a guest, but on TV or radio, at a certain point you have to stop to go to the break. In the podcast, time is no longer an issue and I find that extraordinary. It's fascinating, because the guests don't really know what's going to happen… and neither do I. I've always liked being without a safety net and I'm spoiled!” in collaboration with Attraction, under the new identity Umano Productions.  

Open your game will be available from April 17 on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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