Marie-Gold offers a guided tour of Baveuse City

Marie -Gold offers a guided tour of Baveuse City  /></p>
<p>It's a whole concept that rapper Marie-Gold offers with her new album <em>Welcome to Baveuse City</em>. </p>
<p>The album can be heard as a guided tour of this imaginary city of “Baveuse City” over which reigns, like a queen, the rapper.  </p>
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We understand it from the title, the tone is rebellious and irreverent. Marie-Gold appropriates the codes of rap full of bravado and adapts them to her sauce with a lot of freshness. She proudly affirms her femininity in a predominantly male musical universe and even offers the microphone on two tracks to some of her fellow rappers.   

Her rhyming reflections amuse and jostle. They unfold on different types of very catchy musical productions that often make you want to wiggle your hips.  

From Friday, February 11 on listening platforms&nbsp ;

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