Marjo at “La Voix”: passion to the end!

Marjo àagrave; “The Voice”: passion to the end!

Marjo is one of the coaches of the ninth season of “La Voix”.

After a two-year hiatus, La Voix is back on TVA this Sunday. With the exception of Marc Dupré, it is a new cohort of coaches who are turning the big red seats for this ninth season. Corneille, who had been a mentor in 2017, Mario Pelchat and Marjo are experiencing the filming of the show for the very first time. And what an adventure, according to the rocker! 

At 69, after 47 years of career, the interpreter of Provocante is still living new experiences. “I consider myself lucky. Lucky to be able to experiment again. It's cool!”, she says in an interview with Métro.  

Each new stage of La Voix makes her discover something new. again with wonder. That's why she accepted this role: having never acted as a teacher until now, she said yes to this new challenge, just to change the air and see where her strength would be. . “This is my first shot. I learn through it. I grow up. I see how I'm doing.” 

Marjo at «La Voice”: the ardor until the end!

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Taming wildcats candidate.e.s 

“My team is fiery, comments Marjo. I think she looks like me. I am happy and proud of all the members!” 

It must be said that she took the time to select them well. If rock is his favorite genre, this is not necessarily the case for his candidates, who were rather chosen for their talent when attacking the chorus. “I didn't turn around right away, because in a song, there is a musical intro, there are the verses and it is especially in the chorus that the real notes will arrive. I was looking to see if the accuracy of the voice was there,” she explains.

All chosen for their voice, the candidates are eliminated because of “the way they advance, their way of articulating, their way of rendering a note or a word that we do not hear good”, so many “little faults” that must be corrected along the way if you don't want to go home empty-handed. 

Eliminations are moreover what is more difficult to tame for the singer of the fire group Raven. “The biggest disappointment is saying no. In The Voice, at some point, you have to make choices.” 

“I think I am a dynamic and friendly coach. I'm not looking for lice!” says Marjo. “I rather try to be gentle with [the singers]. n contagious energy, Marjo had mentors early in her career. Pierre Harel and Jean Millaire, with whom she played in Corbeau, are good examples, she believes. Now it's her turn to have that effect on a new generation of musicians she finds motivated, ready to achieve their dream of being recognized for their talent. < /p>

“I don't see the age! In me, I have always had the joy of living. It is intact and it will never leave me. I continue my merry way. I'm not giving up!”, she concludes, citing one of her hits.  

La Voix is back on Sundays at 7 p.m. on TVA.

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