Mayor of Quebec Regis Labeaume suffering from prostate cancer

The Quebec mayor’s office announced Wednesday that Régis Labeaume is suffering from prostate cancer. This sad news was followed by a concert of encouragement, even beyond the political game.
The mayor made an initial announcement to his close associates and colleagues. “Mr. Régis Labeaume met today (Wednesday) with his staff, his team as well as the City General Directorate, to inform them that after a few months of investigation he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, “he said. by press release his press officer, Paul-Christian Nolin. The announcement to the population later in the day was necessary for “concern for transparency,” says one.

“The mayor will gradually lighten his schedule in anticipation of the future,” the statement said. He will eventually have to be absent for a convalescence of indefinite duration. ”

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Mr. Labeaume, who will turn 63 on May 2, will continue to perform his duties, but will have to delegate certain responsibilities to his team members, Mr. Nolin continues.

On Wednesday, the cabinet did not want to comment further on the situation. This week, the mayor has no public activity on the schedule. It was impossible to know if he will attend the city council next Monday. The next day, he is a panelist invited to an event of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Vision of Housing in Quebec City. We do not know if he will be able to fulfill his commitment.

Supports from all over

This sad news comes at a time when major projects are underway in Quebec City, including the implementation of the tramway and the construction of the biomethanation center.

As soon as the diagnosis was announced, the Premier of Quebec and the Minister responsible for the national capital expressed their personal support to the man and their government to his administration in the files in progress.

“Our thoughts are with him. We wish him good luck, said Francois Legault. It is a cancer that has a very good prognosis. We all know people who have been there. Regis is a fighter. I am sure he will come back even stronger. We can not wait to see you in great shape. ”

“I have the chance to work with Mr. Labeaume for a few months. He is a man who is combative, who has a vision for the city of Quebec and defends the interests of his people with a lot of passion, said Geneviève Guilbault. I am convinced that this same passion will inhabit him. We will continue to advance the files during his absence. He can concentrate in peace on the fight that awaits him and everything will be in order when he is in top form. ”

“He is well surrounded and the major milestones of the projects are implanted,” commented, not at all worried, the counselor of Democracy Quebec, Jean Rousseau, about potential delays in the files.

“I wish the mayor he can get through this ordeal and take the time to heal well. I will understand that he is absent depending on the grade of cancer, “says the counselor who has already worked to develop screening programs for several types of cancer in the public health directorate.

Accustomed to quarreling with the mayor on the municipal council, the leader of the official opposition, Jean-François Gosselin, also wanted to offer his support to Mr. Labeaume.

“Mr. Gosselin wishes him a speedy recovery. This is an extremely sad situation. That he takes all the time necessary to gain strength. Beyond the political game, he has a deep respect for him, “reports Claude-Olivier Fagnan, a member of his cabinet.

Finally, the Mayor of Lévis, with whom Mr. Labeaume has been at loggerheads for two years, also wanted to send him a word of encouragement.

“I wish Mr. Labeaume a speedy recovery and good luck in this difficult event,” commented Gilles Lehouillier.


“I just heard the news for my colleague, the Mayor of Quebec City. Courage, Regis, during this ordeal. I’m thinking of you and everyone in town is with you! ”

– Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

“All my solidarity with my colleague and friend Régis Labeaume who will certainly face the disease with the determination we know him. Health is more important than any project, think of you my dear. Be assured of my support. Good luck.”

– Alexandre Cusson, President of the Union of Quebec Municipalities

“In the hectic pace of politics, there are times when you have to take time for yourself. Good luck, my dear Regis, we are with you. ”

– Manon Massé, co-leader of Québec solidaire

“My best thoughts to Mayor Régis Labeaume. On behalf of the Parti Quebecois, I wish him and his family a return to health. Highly his return to the helm of our National Capital. ”

– Pascal Bérubé, interim leader of the Parti Québécois


Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in Canada (excluding skin cancers other than melanoma). It is the third leading cause of cancer death among Canadians. It is estimated that about 1 in 7 Canadians will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 29 will die from it.

The risk of prostate cancer increases when men get older. The risk of being affected increases after 50 years. It is most often diagnosed in men over 65 years of age.

Prostate cancer usually causes no signs or symptoms in the early stages of the disease. They often appear when the tumor grows and cause changes in urinary habits or other problems such as the need to urinate often or pain during urination. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor.

There are several types of treatment depending on the state of health of the person affected. For example: radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, cryosurgery or even prostatectomy (remove the prostate).

In 2017

21,300 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, which represents 21% of all new cases of cancer in men for this year
4100 men died of prostate cancer, accounting for 10% of all cancer deaths in humans;
On average, every day, 58 Canadians were diagnosed with prostate cancer;
On average, every day, 11 Canadians died of prostate cancer.

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