Measures in the Red zone: the CSSRS has until Friday

Measures in the Red zone: the CSSRS has until Friday

The biggest challenge for Christian Provencher and his team: to do everything possible to ensure that secondary 3, 4 and 5 students can go to work-study.

Share November 9, 2020 9:02 p.m. Share Measures in the Red zone: the CSSRS has until FridayMeasures in the Red zone: the CSSRS has until Friday

Tommy Brochu La Tribune The schools of the Center de services scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke (CSSRS) have until Friday to implement the measures imposed by the Government of Quebec in a red zone.

“We are lucky in our bad luck, Friday is a pedagogical day, indicates the director general of the CSSRS, Christian Provencher. This will allow us to have an extra day to put everything in place to welcome our students in the right way from Monday morning, ”he said, he who thought that the Eastern Townships would be able to stay in the orange zone until 'at Christmas.

The biggest challenge for the organization: to do everything to ensure that secondary 3, 4 and 5 students can go to work-study.

While Estrie was in the orange zone, the CSSRS had the opportunity to analyze the work of other service centers which were in the red zone. “Management spoke with colleagues who are in the red to see how they are handling this and how they are doing things,” says Mr. Provencher. In addition, all vocations, such as sport-study, performing arts, etc., remain in effect. “What will change is if we have planned large group activities where we gathered more than one class bubble, it will not take place. For vocations where young people are invested in a play or in music, it does not stop ”, assures M.Provencher.

Professionals working in schools will keep an eye on the mental health of students. “We are able to set up services. We try to do it as best as possible. The interesting thing is that the students don't go home full time. Every other day, we see them, are we in contact with them and we have relations with them? », He expresses, adding that this measure allows the personnel to remain on the lookout.


The CSSRS will ensure that students who need it will have access to electronic equipment. “(We will) make sure that everyone has a device, but also that it works, says the CEO of the organization. Even in Sherbrooke, there are places where people do not have the Internet. It requires us to think differently. “

Mr. Provencher recalls that the CSSRS has invested $ 1.5 million to buy equipment such as tablets and laptops. “It's to make sure we can meet this need. For all of our establishments, we made sure that we would be able to have an efficient network. This may represent an increase in the number of terminals or access to wired Internet, depending on the location. It has been quite a job for our IT team to make sure it works. The big test will be Monday when the button is pressed, ”he cites as an example.

“It could be that there are addicts in certain places and that would be quite normal. But with the experience we have, these will be things that we can settle quickly enough so as not to stretch and that it works well, ”agrees the CEO of the CSSRS.

Guard Service

At the daycare, the bubble-classes were difficult to respect in the orange zone. What will happen in the red zone?

“They should end up in the same class bubble as during the day,” says Provencher. It is certain that the whole group does not go to the daycare. I may have four bubble-classes of five students in my daycare group. I can put all these students in the same group, but each class bubble must keep the distance of two meters from the other students. “

“If there are five students left from five different class bubbles, we can keep them in the same room, but they will have to keep the distance of two meters”, continues Mr. Provencher, adding that this directive is easier to apply when children are outside.

The CSSRS will contact the parents of the students on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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