Menstrual disc, a new revolution

Menstrual disc, a new revolution

After the menstrual cup, here is the disc!

After the cup, menstrual panties and washable pads, a newcomer is making its mark in the eco-friendly menstrual hygiene department: the menstrual disc. What the hell? Here is everything you need to know about this menstrual cup 2.0. 

If it is often compared to its cousin the cup, this is because the disc is also a type of reusable protection in medical silicone that is placed inside the vagina to collect the blood of the periods. But the comparison stops there since with the 6 to 7 cm diameter of the disc, we suspect that it cannot be placed in exactly the same place…  

< h2 id="h-the-fornix-of-the-vagina-do-you-know">The fornix-of-the-vagina, do you know?  

It is impossible to tell you about the menstrual disc without first introducing you to this little-known corner of the female anatomy. This is actually the upper, larger part of the vagina, which is just below the cervix. While the menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal and stays there through suction, the disc is made for it to be placed in the fornix, where it remains comfortably positioned, held by the pubic bone (aka the pubis).  

Not to be confused 

If its design is inspired by the diaphragm (the ” female condom”), the menstrual disc is not a means of contraception! 

How to install it, how to remove it? 

< p>With its large diameter, the disc might seem impossible to insert, but since it is flexible, just bend it edge to edge to make it as thin as possible, then guide it to the top of the vagina. Once it reaches the fornix – it's not that far, we reassure you – all that remains is to push the edge of the disc to wedge it behind the pubis.  

Once properly positioned, the disc can safely stay there for more than 10 hours (12 max) and it can collect up to 70 ml of blood, the equivalent of approximately 4 tampons. 

< p>Finally, to remove it, just grab the edge of the disc with your fingertip and gently pull to get the disc out and empty it. If you are experienced, you can remove it above the toilet, but the best way to avoid staining is to do it in the shower.  

Stainless sex < /strong> 

The other advantage of the disk is that it allows you to have sex or have fun during your period without worrying about dirtying the sheets! Oral sex, penetration, masturbation, everything is possible since the blood is retained by the disc and this leaves the vaginal canal free.   

4 menstrual discs are presently available in Canada: 


Nixit is the only menstrual disc created and sold by a Canadian brand. Sensitive to the large amount of waste generated by single-use menstrual products, the creator of Nixit, Rachael Newton, wanted to offer a new kind of cup, even more comfortable. “When I first started using it, I also noticed that it helped me understand my flow and my cycle better, it was really empowering,” she says. With its red disc and its ultra-colorful packaging, the brand also wants to destigmatize the rules.  

54 $ –  

Flex Disc 

If you're not sure if a menstrual disc is right for you, you may not want to invest in a reusable disc right away. That's good, Flex Disc – which also sells menstrual cups – offers a disposable option. “Changing your habits always takes time to adapt, so we suggest using the disposable Flex Disc to familiarize yourself with the concept,” said Lauren Schulte Wang, CEO of Flex, who hopes the brand's reusable model will soon be available. available in Canada.  

$19 for a box of 12 discs – available online 

Ziggy cup 

Even though it identifies itself as a cup, this product of the Intima brand is indeed used as a disk and is therefore placed in the fornix of the vagina. The Ziggy Disc comes in two sizes, A and B, the former being more suitable for people who have a low cervix.  

From $44 &#8211 ; available online 

Disc Diva  

Best known for its fit, the Diva brand has just launched its very first disc model! Oval-shaped – to prevent it from rotating during use – and equipped with a leak-proof rim, the Diva disc is also the only one in Canada to have a non-slip pull tab for even easier removal.  

35 $ –

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