Mental health: the PLQ calls for an urgent plan of “sanitary measures”

Mental health: the PLQ calls for an urgent plan of “sanitary measures”

David Birnbaum.

Believing that Quebec is currently facing “alarming and unprecedented levels” of depression, anxiety, drug addiction and despair, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) is calling on the government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) an urgent plan of “sanitary measures” in mental health.

“There are so many people across Quebec who are struggling with mental health issues, whether in their personal lives or in their professional efforts to help others,” said the Liberal critic. of mental health, David Birnbaum in a press release. They cannot play their part until the government gives them the tools they desperately need.”

The plan demanded by the official opposition party in the National Assembly is divided into four measures, including the establishment of a “real” public psychotherapy program.

The PLQ also calls on the government caquiste to fund and develop an age-appropriate teaching toolkit for students, educators and community practitioners to maintain positive mental health during a pandemic.

The PLQ would also like to see increased funding and hiring assistance for community organizations working in the field of mental health.

“Experts on the ground and community organizations tell me that they can hardly respond to the many emergency calls for help. During this fifth wave, there is little identifiable commitment that the CAQ has presented to help Quebecers deal with this terrible stress on families, businesses and communities,” says Birnbaum. /p>

The PLQ would also like to see the provincial government undertake an emergency plan to raise awareness on social and traditional media in order to promote positive mental health measures.

Mr. Birnbaum is critical of the “caquist inaction” in mental health, which he says has been going on for months.

“The CAQ rejects the repeated assertion that Quebec is facing a mental health crisis. The inability to identify new essential resources, to support cash-strapped community organizations working in the field of mental health, and the absence of additional training, support and accompaniment for the educators and health workers are just a few examples of the government’s inaction,” he said.

Recall that on Friday, we learned that Liberal leader Dominique Anglade was withdrawing from the second scheduled meeting between the oppositions and Prime Minister François Legault to discuss the pandemic.

The meetings in question have been held at the request of the opposition parties on a weekly basis, on Fridays, since mid-December. They allow the different parties to discuss the government's strategies in the fight against COVID-19.

Mrs. Anglade would have liked the media to be able to attend these weekly meetings.

More details to come.

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