Meta: Zuckerberg launches paid subscription to authenticate his account

Meta: Zuckerberg launches paid subscription to authenticate his account

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the Meta company, announced this Sunday the creation of a paid subscription, allowing users to s’ ;authenticate on the group's platforms.

By paying 11.99 dollars per month, they will be able to subscribe to the new “Meta Verified” service, in order to benefit from certain advantages.

The maneuver of the parent company of the Facebook and Instagram social networks, n&rsquo is reminiscent of the “Blue” subscription offered by Twitter, after its acquisition by Elon Musk. This option allows Twitter users to increase the visibility of their tweets and to be exposed to fewer advertisements.

Mark Zuckerbeg announced the launch of “Meta Verified” this Sunday, through a post on his Facebook account.

“This new feature aims to improve profile authenticity and security across our services,” he said.

The new tool will first roll out in Australia and New Zealand this week, before becoming available in other countries. Accounts of “Meta Verified” subscribers will sport a blue badge, proving to other users that their identity has been verified.

Subscribers will also benefit from increased security, including against spoofing, as well as privileged access to customer service. Their publications should, in turn, be favored by algorithms, according to a spokesperson for Meta.

“Meta Verified” will be restricted to individuals and professionals over the age of 18. The service will not be open to business accounts.

The announcement comes as Meta Group saw its advertising revenue fall for the first time in 2022.

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