“Micro cheating”, or the art of deceiving “just a little”

The “micro cheating”, or the art of deceiving “just a little”

Cheating, while keeping a platonic relationship. “Micro cheating” or “micro deception” is an ambiguous relationship maintained with a person other than his or her partner. This emotional infidelity is growing more and more, encouraged by the use of social networks.

When do you consider that you are unfaithful? For some, the infidelity starts long before the exchange of a kiss or a more intimate relationship. It can start with a game of glances, text messages, a date for a coffee… These actions may seem innocuous or minor, but put together can evoke the first signs of infidelity. Hence the term “micro-cheating” or “micro-cheating”.

This phenomenon can be defined as “nice flirting” with someone who is not your partner. Micro-cheating does not involve physical contact. With “micro-cheating”, we are talking more about emotional infidelity. This betrayal would also be more complicated to manage for the “cheated” person. Because this breakdown of emotional trust in a couple can cause more damage than “physical” infidelity.

However, each couple has their own definition of infidelity. So what might be called “micro-cheating” in one relationship might also be seen as usual by another couple. It is up to each couple to define their own notion of fidelity and the limits not to be exceeded. The whole thing would therefore be to communicate in couples.

Micro cheating is developing more and more due to the multiplicity of digital discussions and various social networks. 

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