Mike Ward suggests UDA 'eat his ass'

Mike Ward Suggests UDA 'Eat His Ass'

Mike Ward

Mike Ward has a problem with the Union des artistes (UDA). The union organization criticizes the comedian for not paying the guests of his podcast Under listening according to “the standards in force”, reported Le Devoir earlier this week.

However, the guests of the podcast would receive $1,500 per show on tour, a fee that would have risen to $3,000 during the recording at the Videotron Center, said Mike Ward on social networks on Thursday.

“All that to say that the UDA can eat my ass,” added the comedian in the flowery language he likes.

In Le Devoir, the manager of the artist, Michel Grenier, also said that he did not understand why they were the target of the UDA.

“Why attack us, when we are already paying our guests, even if we are not subsidized? Meanwhile, the big players in private radio stations, who have much more resources, do not even pay the artists themselves,” he told the daily.

In fact, private radio stations do not respond to the provincial law on the status of the artist, but rather to the federal law on broadcasting, which does not require that guest artists be remunerated

This new law, adopted last summer, would give new levers to the UDA “to impose its minimum conditions on podcasts”, can we read in the article by Étienne Paré.


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