MikeZup's Raw Rap Shines On 'Little Bro'

The MikeZup's raw rap shines on “Little Bro”

Rapper from St-Michel MikeZup, known for his raw and realistic lyrics, reveals more about himself and his environment with his new album, Little Bro, a very personal opus, so named in honor of his deceased father.  

Trueness and cohesion are essential; MikeZup eliminates everything superfluous. There are also no guest rappers on the album, while his previous one, Primary Colors, had several. The only voice to join his is that, very soft, of his sister Mélodie-Jade, who comes to support him on one of the titles.  

Throughout the 10 tracks, the artist delivers pure and hard rap, strongly focused on lyrics with words well inscribed in the tradition of street rap. The subjects are often difficult, but we feel all the authenticity: the rapper grew up in Montreal's illicit circles and even participated in them, his father having been a boss. The portrait that MikeZup paints of this universe is eloquent, creating striking images, in the same vein as the renowned street rapper Connaisseur Ticaso. 

The texts are placed on effective musical productions, also without flafla, inspired by the old school of the American West Coast, the kind of sounds on which one could have heard Dr. Dre or another Snoop Dogg in the 1990s.&nbsp ; 

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