Minimum working age set at 14?

L’&acirc Minimum working age set at 14? /></p>
<p> Immigration Minister Jean Boulet. </p>
<p>It could become illegal for young people under the age of 14 to work, with some exceptions. A bill could be adopted to this effect in the National Assembly in February. </p>
<p>This bill would be launched with a view to better protecting young people, explained the Minister of Labor Jean Boulet, in an interview with RDI. “Children, their place first and foremost is at school, he justified. We must not compromise on health and safety.”</p>
<p>The government has noted a significant increase in the number of young people on the labor market, and consequently, an increasing number of accidents involving them. . To confirm his findings, he therefore requested a report from the Labor and Workforce Advisory Committee (CCTM). </p>
<p>The report recommends that the general age for admission to employment be set at 14 years. The work would then be limited until the age of 16. </p>
<p>They would be prohibited from working more than 16 hours a week during the school year. A maximum of 10 hours could be worked from Monday to Friday. This would exclude holidays and lay weeks. </p>
<p>Beyond these requirements, the committee asks Quebec to better document child labor in order to understand its evolution. Data could be collected on their sector of activity and their age. </p>

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