Mixmania is 20 years old and will have its documentary!

Mixmania is 20 years and will have its documentary!

Mixmania had four seasons, but the first was the most memorable for many teenagers.

For fans of Mixmania's No Regrets and Urban Defense groups: two decades after the first batch, a documentary on the 2002 television phenomenon is coming soon to Crave. Doesn't that make you want to Touch the sky, does it?

After having riveted hundreds of thousands of young people to their TV, what were the repercussions of the Mixmania madness, one of Quebec’s first reality shows, and what legacy did it leave? These are the questions that Bianca Gervais, director, will answer in this first one-hour documentary.

If older and older &# 8211; once teenagers, now young adults – will be able to relive the extent of this Quebec phenomenon, the youngest who have experienced Mixmania with the most recent three editions will be able to discover its origins through the archives of 2002. 

Through exclusive interviews, viewers will also learn what young artists have become today. 

Produced by Zone3 in collaboration with Bell Media, the documentary MIXMANIA: 20 YEARS LATER will be available on Crave in June.

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