Mona de Grenoble’s BITCHfest: a Tupperware party on acid

Mona de Grenoble’s BITCHfest: A Tupperware Party on Acid  

Mona from Grenoble hosting her first BITCHfest at Zoofest, Monday, July 18, 2022

A Tupperware party on acid: this is what drag's BITCHfest looked like Mona from Grenoble at Zoofest, Monday night. The title immediately announces the colors: in a BITCHfest, we bitche. With “cowardice, broken friendships and the world bawling” instead of plastic dishes.  

For anyone who likes humor that strips (a lot), this BITCHfest was candy. Forget the scholarly pun or the committed feminist tirade, au BITCHfest, we throw insults at each other, we point to other people's body parts, we swear, we talk about sex, we're not afraid to cause pain… And it feels so good! &nbsp ;

Mona de Grenoble's BITCHfest: a Tupperware party on acid  

Jérémie Larouche, Justine Philie and Lady Guidoune were the “bitcheur.euse.s” of Mona de Grenoble's BITCHfest
Credit: Myriam Frenette/Courtoisie Zoofest

“My pig host*es , you guys!” launched Mona, alias our “aunt on the party”, by way of welcome to a TD Studio (the former Astral) where some viewers. s had to watch the performance standing up, the place was so crowded.  

“This show host is going to suck-the! “, promised the host, who had just been served champagne, in which she almost spat, high quality standards oblige.  

“This host*e of show-là» featured another drag, Lady Guidoune (at least as vulgar as Mona), Jérémie Larouche (who could serve as a suppository for Christine Morency, according to Mona), the scriptwriter Justine Philie and the guest of honor Christine Morency, the boyfriendof Mona, which has not been spared. And who, in the event of a serious offense, could have broken his interlocutor with a pubic blow, according to Mona again.  

Mona de Grenoble's BITCHfest: an evening ;e Tupperware on acid  

Christine Morency, guest of honor at Mona de Grenoble's BITCHfest
Credit: Myriam Frenette/Courtoisie Zoofest

At this point, did you still doubt the level of salaciousness of the date? Grossophobia, homophobia, gags at the bottom of the belt: we've spoiled ourselves in the clichés, and “political correctness” has taken its toll.  

“I the right to say fifi. It's the f-word. The straights in the room, shut your mouths! (…) Host*e generation of fragile!”, had served Mona as a warning in her introduction.  

Un buffet of enormities

Proof of the growing popularity of Mona de Grenoble (“self-proclaimed drag queen, humorist and prison escapee”), seen on television at Next stand up and at Fabuleux Printemps by Marie-Lyne, a long line lined the TD Studio building in heavy rain Monday, 30 minutes before the show. And Her Highness Mona reigns supreme over Zoofest's lineup this year, where we had to add two extras to her first hour-long solo show, My First Heats… and where her BITCHfest is the show that sold the most tickets this year.  

The time of the performance, 9:30 p.m., immediately implied that the content was not was not aimed at prudish minds. As a diva worthy of the name, Mona de Grenoble (played by comedian Alexandre Aussant) made her court wait, coming on stage at 10 p.m. 

 Mona de Grenoble’s BITCHfest: a Tupperware party on acid  

Mona de Grenoble was very lively at her BITCHfest, at Studio TD, on Monday evening
Credit: Myriam Frenette/Courtoisie Zoofest

But we lost nothing by waiting. The wickedness as gratuitous as it is hilarious flared up for a little over an hour. It laughed, even screamed often, loudly in the audience.  

Christine Morency was to be the main victim of this deliciously bad-taste well-cooked, but everyone finally bitché a little bit everyone.  

Everyone had a bite to eat: the struggling career of Jérémie Larouche, the look by Justine Philie  (“Justine looks like a girl that could have been quickly made of plasticine […], who looks like Tristesse in Inside Out or the secretary in Monster Inc…”), the weight of Mariana Mazza, Ordinary Mother, the passion for “big beats” of Mona de Grenoble, the “open door vagina” of Christine Morency and her “vibratory fantasies”… &nbsp ;

Mona de Grenoble's BITCHfest: a Tupperware party on acid  

Christine Morency was not spared during the BITCHfest hosted by her friend Mona from Grenoble, Monday evening, at Zoofest
Credit: Myriam Frenette/Courtoisie Zoofest

“A lady of 60 years in the body of a 70-year-old lady”, illustrated Justine Philie to describe her inseparable Christine Morency… who was also compared (ironically!) to Julien Lacroix. More than compromising photos also paraded in projection, the kind of memories that one would never want to see out of one's drawers…  

And this is only a tiny glimpse of the Buffet of enormities that we feasted on during this memorable BITCHfest, which we hope to see repeated. Mona de Grenoble, please organize more Tupperware parties like you, we always want more of your spicy little bites! 

Mona de Grenoble presents her one woman show, My first heat, July 20 and 26, at Zoofest. The festival continues until July 28.

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