Monique Leyrac, died at the age of 91 years

Monique Leyrac s’éteint à l’âge de 91 ans

Monique Leyrac has had a brilliant career, particularly in Quebec and in France, as the ambassador of French music abroad.

December 15, 2019 22.08

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Monique Leyrac, died at the age of 91 years

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The singer and actress from quebec Monique Leyrac, died Sunday morning December 15, 2019 at the hospital of Cowansville. She was aged 91 years.

The author of his biography, François Dompierre, confirmed the news Sunday evening.

“She was sick for the past two years, she had suffered a cerebral vascular accident (STROKE) and was never really delivered,” said François Dompierre to The canadian Press.

“Even last week, I went to play the piano with her at her retirement home, she realized that it was the last moments of his life,” said the one who is also a composer and conductor.

Born Monique Tremblay, in a family of worker of Montreal, Monique Leyrac has had a brilliant career, particularly in Quebec and in France, as the ambassador of French music abroad.

“I think that she is the greatest singer we have ever had in Quebec, all styles,” said François Dompierre.

The prime minister François Legault has offered his condolences to the relatives of the singer on Sunday evening.

“One of the most beautiful voices in Quebec. A great Quebec. My condolences to all the relatives of Monique Leyrac,” wrote the prime minister on Twitter.

Actress first

With fifteen original albums and a few compilations in his discography, Mrs. Leyrac, however, first made known as an actress, her first profession.

“In my head, I was first and always an actress, the song came about by chance and by a need to earn my living”, she said, The daily le Devoir, in 1999, during the release of a previously unissued recording of a show-portrait of Félix Leclerc given by the singer in 1977.

It is from the age of 15 years that Monique Leyrac is undertaking a course with the singer and belgian actress, Jeanne Maubourg, which advised him to enter the game to find an artist name. Monique Tremblay becomes Monique Leyrac.

She got her first role as an actress in 1943, on the airwaves of the radio CKAC, and performer Bernadette in “The Song of Bernadette, by Franz Werfel.

Monique Leyrac turns quickly to the song and begins to sing at the cabaret Pheasant Golden brown, filling in on short notice one of the singers. She will perform songs of south-american and French alongside Charles Aznavour, Pierre Roche, and Jacques Normand.

In 1950, Monique Leyrac part the first time, discover France, a destination which will result in multiple round trips with the province of Quebec. The singer made this year a tour of a few months, placing also on the boards of concert halls, swiss, belgian and even lebanese.

Back in Montreal, she found the deceased cabaret At Pheasant Golden, became The Montmartre, and also sings in The Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It meets at the same time, the French actor Jean Dalmain, who was to become her husband in 1952, and with whom she has a daughter.

Vigneault and Léveillée

The arrival of authors-quebec composers in the musical world will transform, however, the directory of Monique Leyrac, and it is thanks to works that are offered to him by a certain newcomer, referred to as Gilles Vigneault and Claude Léveillée as the singer launches his first full album in 1963.

The following years devoted to the success of Monique Leyrac on the international scene. She won many awards in 1965, including the Grand prize of the international Day and the international Festival of song in Sopot, Poland, for his interpretation of the song My Country, of Vigneault.

All the doors seem to be opening up to the quebec singer, who performed at the Olympia in Paris, for the show spotlight on Canada; in the soviet Union, including Moscow, Leningrad and Tallinn; as well as at Carnegie Hall, New York, before singing for the princess Margaret, in London. Not to mention its numerous tours in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

On the occasion of Expo 67 hosted Montreal, Monique Leyrac, offers concerts at the Expo-théâtre and at the Canada Pavilion, accompanied by the pianist André Gagnon.

Asked by talk-shows

The talk shows are asking for them also and she is invited to the “Rolf Harris Show” on BBC London, in 1968, as well as the “Ed Sullivan Show” american network CBS-TV in 1969.

During the only 60’s, Monique Leyrac, recorded an album almost every year, including two in the English language. She has also been nominated as female performer of the year at the Gala du disque quebec, in 1965.

Radio-Canada will be the subject of a portrait entitled “Woman as other” and presented in the framework of the program “Les Beaux dimanches”, in 1972.

Embarking on a new chapter of her career, Monique Leyrac, devotes first in 1975 and a recital by Émile Nelligan, in which she recites and sings his poems. The idea will respond to a series of themed shows, in the course of the years 80, in which the artist combines his two passions. Félix Leclerc, Sarah Bernhardt and Charles Baudelaire goes on to everyone, a show designed by the singer.

In 1983, Monique Leyrac, announces his withdrawal from public life, not without taking the time, before withdrawing it, to publish his autobiography, “My Childhood in Rosemont,” the name of the neighborhood in which it is born.

Monique Leyrac has received in the course of his long career numerous awards, including the Order of Canada in 1967, and she was made a Chevalier of the Ordre national du Québec in 1998.

She received in October 2013, the prix du Québec for the performing arts — the prix Denise-Pelletier.

“It was in the 1960’s, all proportion guarded, that Céline Dion is today, someone very well-known gathering of crowds. She retired and she never came back to sing, it is for this reason that the people have forgotten,” said the author of his biography, François Dompierre.

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