Montreal, 4th most photogenic city in Canada, according to a study

Montréal, 4th most photogenic city in Canada, according to a study

Charmed by the skyline of the Quebec metropolis? Not enough it seems, since according to a new study, Montreal is the fourth most photogenic city in the country after Toronto, Edmonton and… Calgary. 

This review was conducted by TonerGiant, an online supplier of printer equipment located in Manchester, UK. 

These are the statements ” Likes” on Instagram that determined this list. Indeed, to find out which cities have the “most popular city skylines”, TonerGiant analyzed more than 7,500 photos posted by Instagram users with the hashtag #skyline. 

Thus, according to data collected by the company, Toronto would be the Canadian city that would obtain the most likes on average per photo published with the hashtag #torontoskyline. For comparison, Montreal averages 54 likes per photo containing the hashtag #montrealskyline. 

Average number of likes per photo:&nbsp ;

  • Toronto: 160 likes 
  • Edmonton: 67 likes 
  • Calgary: 54 likes 
  • Montreal: 54 likes 
  • Winnipeg: 47 likes 

Asked why the city of Calgary is ranked in third place and Montreal in fourth, although the average number of likes is the same, Métro is told that the figures have been rounded.  

“Calgary score averages 54.2, while Montreal score 53.8,” says Alexandra Bikard, Outreach Executive of the Verve Search agency. 

 Montreal, 4th most photogenic city in Canada, according to a study

The Calgary skyline. Photo: Courtesy

Otherwise, regarding the hashtag used for Montreal, Alexandra Bikard admits that the study does not take into account the one containing an acute accent – ​​#montrealskyline –, but only #montrealskyline.  

“The hashtag with the accent only has 17 matching posts on Instagram and it has been removed because the sample was too small,” she explains.   

It should also be noted that the analysis focused on Instagram accounts with a minimum of 150 followers – which would be the average number of an Instagram account – and that a sample of 50 to 100 photos per city was analyzed.

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