Montreal at the top of the night: special rendezvous for night owls

Montréal at the height of the night: a special rendezvous for night owls  

The nightlifeis about to be at the center of intense discussions and experiences over the next few days in Old Montreal. The MTL event at the top of the night will offer a series of conferences on night culture at the Phi Center on May 17 and 18, then it's time to party with NON STOP, a 36-hour non-stop dance marathon from May 19 to 21 . 

First, the top. Many guests from all over the world will take part in the round tables and conferences on nightlife. In particular, we can count on the presence of urban planners, researchers, mayors, municipal officials, activists and artists. The aim is for everyone to be able to share their best practices and exchange ideas to promote and optimize the development of nightlife. This year's theme will explore “the different possibilities of the infinite space of the night”. 

“The conference component is intended as an educational exercise to make people understand the reality of nocturnal activities that are often stigmatized, even demonized”, summarizes Mathieu Grondin, general manager of MTL 24/24, non-profit organization that develops nightlife in Montreal, in interview with Métro

Need framing 

A recent study conducted by MTL 24/24 on nightlife shows that Montreal has one of the most dynamic nightlife scenes in the world, thanks to its overflowing creativity, but does not have the appropriate framework to properly govern its activities.   

“Montreal has an overly rigid regulatory framework, which lacks flexibility and stifles the creativity of nightlife players,” said Mathieu Grondin.  

His organization would like to see the creation of a administrative structure dedicated to nightlife that would contribute to the development and influence of Montreal culture. “The Plante administration promised a nightlife policy in its first term… Today, still nothing,” he laments. 

NON STOP: a big party 

After the conferences, the party! NON STOP is an important celebration that will take place for no less than 36 hours at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal from May 19 to 21. “It's a meeting place for the entire community of Montreal night owls where we celebrate nightlife,” sums up Mathieu Grondin. There will be a non-stop bar service, even after 3 a.m., an indoor paying scene and another free outdoor one. On the program, 15 DJs from here and abroad, including VTSS, Jacques Greene, DJ Minx, TSVI and Kiernan Laveaux.  

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