Montreal gets away with a surplus of $293.1 million

Shown ;al is leaving with a surplus of $293.1 million

Dominique Olivier, alongside Valérie Plante during a press conference on the priorities of a future Plante-Olivier administration.

The president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal and responsible for finances, Dominique Ollivier, presented the city's financial statement for the year 2021. The financial year of the year 2021 therefore ends with a surplus significant of $293.1 million.

This surplus is explained in particular by an overall increase in revenue of $146.3 million and a decrease in operating and financing expenses of $94 million, as well as an increase of $52.5 million $ internal allocations from surpluses from previous years. However, the agglomeration council posted a deficit of $66.6 million.

More information to come ….

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