Montreal has the best libraries in Quebec

Montréal has the best libraries in Quebec

Montreal's libraries are the best in the province, according to the very first National Portrait of Quebec Public Libraries released by the Association of Public Libraries of Quebec ( ABPQ) in this 24th edition of Quebec Public Libraries Week.

By evaluating the resources and services offered in the 1042 public libraries found in the different administrative regions, the ABPQ gives an overall score of 91% to establishments located in the Montreal region, while the overall score for the province is only 66%.

If the metropolis obtains the best result, far ahead of the 80% of the North Shore, several regions do not reach the passing mark. This is the case for Capitale-Nationale (57%), Mauricie (58%), Outaouais (55%), Chaudière-Appalaches (59%) and Centre-du-Québec (57%). ).

The portrait, presented as part of the BiblioQUALITÉ program, was based on five indicators: acquisition expenditure (70% for Quebec, 91% for the Montreal region), opening hours (66% for Quebec, 98% for the Montreal region), surface area (66% for Quebec, 82% for the Montreal region), seating capacity (74% for Quebec, 89% for the Montreal region) and human resources (65% for Quebec, 89% for the Montreal region).

The ABPQ indicates that, in 2019, it would have been necessary to buy 610,356 books additional printed matter, open 5,106 more hours, increase the surface area by 150,616 square meters, add 15,268 seats and hire some 2,500 other people for the entire public library network in order to reach the level of excellence at across Quebec.

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