Montreal is no longer the first anti-Poilievre city in the country

Montreal is no longer the first anti-Poilievre city in the country

Montreal would no longer be the Canadian city most hostile to the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada,  Pierre Poilievre. Formerly holder of this title, the metropolis would have been dethroned by Halifax.

This is what emerges from a study conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI), the results of which were published in mid-March.

Thus, we learn that 20% of Montrealers have a favorable opinion of the Conservative leader, compared to 18% of residents in Halifax. However, the survey reveals that Quebec remains the province where Pierre Poilievre is least appreciated in the country. About 24% of Quebecers say they support it.

In this ranking, Prince Edward Island comes second. The Conservative finds the support of 26% of citizens there. Nova Scotia closes the podium with a score of 27%.

Nationally, nearly one in three Canadians (34%) say they have a positive opinion of the politician. The study also shows that trends are emerging according to the demographic groups observed. People who have studied for a long time are generally more opposed to Pierre Poilievre. Conversely, citizens who have not followed an academic path are more inclined to support it.

The Canadian cities where the politician is most appreciated are Saskatoon (48%), Edmonton (46%) and Calgary (45%).

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