Montreal recognized as one of the coolest cities internationally

Montréal recognized as one of the coolest cities internationally

View of downtown Montreal in summer.

The news site The Independent has compiled a ranking of the coolest “non-capital” cities in the world. Montreal is one of those charming cities, but often less visited than the capitals of their respective countries.

The British newspaper has decided to remove from its ranking the capitals, such as Paris or Berlin, which are often stormed by hordes of tourists. Secondary cities are more low-key but can offer higher quality and less saturated experiences.

Montreal is among the nine coolest secondary cities cited in the article. The city’s many parks and cultural life, of which the Cirque du Soleil is an emblem, are highlighted by The Independent.

Considered the most sustainable city in the world, Montreal also attracts people for its green side. The newspaper highlights the city’s use of electric public transportation modes.

Montreal has a very strong tourist appeal and is among the most “desirable” cities in the world for a tourist trip.

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