Montreal, tax haven for the French?

Montreal, tax haven for the French?

Montreal is the tax haven of large French fortunes according to a survey.

An important system of tax havens would allow French millionaires to relocate their fortune to Quebec, thanks to trusts. This is what reveals a major investigation published in the French newspaper Liberation entitled “ISF Gate: La grande évasion” and signed Laurent Léger.

The investigation reveals the underside of a tax evasion mechanism, little known in France, which allows great fortunes to place their money in trusts in Quebec and thus escape it. Solidarity tax on wealth (ISF).

Very large French assets have thus chosen to transfer part of their wealth to tax havens in Quebec. This system of tax optimization thus allows them not to be taxed in France. One of these trusts, Blue Bridge, is based in Montreal and manages hundreds of millions of euros owned by French millionaires and billionaires.

Jacques Le Blevennec, a French lawyer, is also said to be the main target of the investigation. “The man seems to be the pivot, the conductor” reveals the investigation.

This is a long list of wealthy French families who have benefited from this tax evasion system for over decade. We find there, among others, the Seydoux brothers and the former mayor of Vittel.

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