Montreal-Toronto in less than 3 hours?

Montréal-Toronto less 3 hours?

The City of Toronto has positioned itself favorably for the deployment of a high-speed train line (TGV) linking the Ontario metropolis to Montreal. A motion to this effect was adopted on March 30.

This project, which had received the support of several Quebec elected officials, would make it possible to travel between the two cities in less than three hours. . Currently, the duration of a Montreal-Toronto train journey is approximately five hours.

City of Toronto Councilor Paul Ainslie believes that a TGV between Quebec and Toronto “could greatly contribute to the economic and cultural development of the major cities located in this rail corridor, including Montreal”, according to La Presse Canada who obtained a copy of the motion.

In support of his argument, Paul Ainslie recalls that Quebec and Ontario plan to allocate $56 billion to their road networks over the next ten years, which would be twice the cost of introducing a TGV. between Quebec and Toronto, according to the city councillor.

The call from Montreal received

In February, the City of Montreal had thrown the ball by asking the federal government for support for the construction of this line.

Ottawa had indicated that it was working more on a high-frequency train (TGF) project, rather than TGV. A less attractive proposal that would only “slightly reduce the travel time and make the offer less attractive to the population”, according to the City of Toronto.

“If Canada wishes to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieve the targets promised to the international community, significant sums will have to be invested in public transit, and more particularly in the rail network”, pleads the motion.

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