Montrealer Julie Doucet wins the Angoulême Grand Prix

La Montrealer Julie Doucet wins the Grand Prix d’Angoulême

Montreal cartoonist Julie Doucet

Cartoon artist Julie Doucet won the Grand Prize at the International Comics Festival in Angoulême, thus becoming the first Quebecer and even Canadian to win this honor.

And it's quite a reward. The most important French-language comic strip, awarded every year in France since 1974.

Julie Doucet, also the third woman to receive the prize, is well known for Maxiplotte, a work that is at once subversive, feminist and whimsical.

“It crudely and humorously evokes the life of the body – from periods to sexual desire, including boogers –, gender stereotypes, its experiences of a young woman, without forgetting her dreamlike life which she recounts abundantly. In black and white, the stories flourish over boxes with meticulously elaborate decorations, populated by characters as unusual as they are endearing”, we know in a press release.

Montreal's Julie Doucet wins the Grand Prix ​​d’Angoulême

Publisher: L’Association

Since 2014, the Grand Prix d’Angoulême has been awarded following a vote by the community of professional comic book authors .

While the festival was accused of sexism in 2016 due to an all-male selection of finalists, three women were competing for top honors this year.

The 49th edition of the festival takes place from March 17 to 20 in Angoulême, in the south-west of France.

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