Montrealers will be able to ride on BIXIs transformed into works of art this summer

Montrealers will be able to ride BIXIs transformed into works of art this summer

50 BIXI bikes will be transformed into works of art by five Montreal artists.

Fifty BIXI bikes will be transformed into works of art by Montreal artists. Five of these BIXIs will be exhibited during the MURAL Festival and the other 45 will roll in the streets of Montreal throughout the season. This initiative also celebrates the 50 million trips recorded by BIXI since its inception in 2009.

“We invite the population to come and celebrate with us during the MURAL festival or to borrow these bikes designed by the talents of’ here for the entire 2022 season,” said Christian Vermette, General Manager of BIXI Montreal.

In addition, “Bixistes” will also be able to borrow these BIXIs to take routes designed by MURAL that will allow everyone to discover urban art from here.

A “spectacular” start to the season

A month after the start of its season, BIXI has set several records for use, including that for the highest number of trips in a month with nearly 1.3 million for the month of May. This is a 92% increase compared to May 2021.

In a single day in May, BIXI recorded 53,180 trips, which is another record.

Since the start of the season, the average number of daily trips has been 41,000, compared to 21,000 at the same time last year.

Five artists behind the collectible BIXI

Mono eyebrow, Chien Champion, Zephyr, La Charbonne and Aless™are the five selected artists. Each of them was given the task of designing a collection of 10 bikes, including a masterpiece.

Montrealers will be able to ride on transformed BIXIs. s in works of art this summer

WALL BIXI – Chien Champion (CNW Group/BIXI Montreal)

The five masterpieces will therefore be exhibited at the corner of Prince-Arthur Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

After their visit to the MURAL Festival, these bikes can also be loaned to gallery owners wishing to showcase them.

“The MURAL festival will be this year a unique opportunity for visitors as well as for the artistic community around the world to discover BIXI's major contribution to the Montreal landscape and to the vitality of the city,” said Pierre-Alain Benoît, General Manager of the MURAL Festival, in a press release.

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