More Quebecers still have their summer tires than normal

More Quebecers still have their summer tires on than normal

Garage owners have also felt the effects of the labor shortage.

As of December 1, all vehicles on the road must be equipped with winter tires. But for lack of an appointment with the garage, several Quebec motorists have still not changed their tires.

“November was generally mild, so many waited until the last minute to make an appointment,” says CAA-Quebec communications advisor David Marcille. Additionally, there have been supply issues due to the conflict in Ukraine, which has led to company relocations and affected tire production capacity. Several brands were more difficult to find this year, so we advised customers to have several choices in mind.”

This situation created a “nice cocktail” causing significant appointment delays for the change of tires this year. And this, even if CAA-Quebec reminded in September to make an appointment to relieve the traffic in November.

Added to this is the labor shortage , which meant that many garages did not have enough staff to meet demand in a limited time. Many motorists have had to decide to change their tires themselves, or wait for their scheduled appointment after the deadline.

Despite this particular situation, the police will remain inflexible, since “the law is the law “. The obligation to drive with winter tires is in effect until March 15, 2023.

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