More than 130,000 Hydro-Québec customers without electricity in Montreal

More than 130,000 Hydro-Quebec customers without electricity in Montreal

Hydro-Quebec head office.

As of noon on Tuesday, more than 130,000 homes were without power in Montreal. Across the province, it’s nearly half a million homes in the dark, according to data from Hydro-Quebec. Around 2 p.m. there were only 65,000 left in Montreal.

It’s moreover in the metropolis that we find the greatest number of breakdowns, followed by Montérégie. The West Island neighborhoods seem to be the most affected.

According to information from TVA, traffic lights have stopped working in Montreal. Police would be mobilized to ensure traffic.

According to preliminary analyzes by Hydro-Québec, it’s an event related to a loss of electricity production that triggered the protection mechanisms of the transmission system, which reacted correctly, which caused failures. At present, the teams of the Crown corporation are trying to determine the exact cause of this loss of production. “The situation is changing rapidly. We are gradually recovering to resupply customers who have failed,” it says.

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