More than $360M in mental health, and not just for shrinks

Over $360M in mental health, and not just for shrinks

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, accompanied by the Director General of Executive Management and pandemic, Daniel Paré, presented his 1st dose vaccination strategy for the unvaccinated./Josie Desmarais/Métro

Québec is launching a mental health action plan bringing together 10 government departments and agencies to facilitate access to mental health resources and vary the supply of care.

The plan is launched thanks to a new investment of $361 million which, added to other measures announced, totals an investment of more than $1 billion in mental health.

Title Unite for collective well-being, the program is deployed in 43 distinct actions. In particular, a campaign to promote mental health will be launched, as well as an expansion of services to prevent crisis situations.

Other care than that provided by shrinks

While waiting lists have grown since the start of the pandemic to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, the Legault administration wants to promote other mental health care. Depending on their situation, individuals would be better advised to consult other professionals, such as occupational therapists or psychoeducators.

We have this tendency to refer everyone to a psychologist or a psychiatrist where there are waiting lists that are extremely long to the public like to private.

Lionel Carmant, Minister Delegate for Health and Social Services

“We want to involve everyone,” said Minister Delegate for Health and Social Services Lionel Carmant at a press conference in Montreal on Tuesday.

Over the next five years, Quebec wants to involve 1,000 social workers in its mental health resources as well as in its partner organizations.

Towards partnerships

To broaden access to mental health services, the government intends to create new partnerships with organizations in Mental Health. Community crisis centers, which offer front-line mental health services, will be built in Estrie and Saguenay.

These resources will be used in particular to prevent and implement alternatives to hospitalizations for psychiatric cases, which the Ministry of Health is trying to reduce.

More than $200M will be invested in mental health and addiction prevention awareness campaigns in schools.

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