Mother of Sunwing passenger has to pay for hotels in Mexico

 The mother of a Sunwing passenger has to pay for her hotels in Mexico

Anne Cyr is the mother of Rebecca St-Pierre, who admitted to receiving a test positive for COVID-19 the day before he left for Mexico.

The mother of Rebecca St-Pierre, & nbsp; a passenger & nbsp; who traveled & nbsp; to & nbsp; Tulum & nbsp; when she knew she had COVID-19, revealed to be in the obligation to pay its & nbsp; hotels & nbsp; in Mexico & nbsp; even if its budget is & nbsp; tight.

According to the lady named Anne Cyr, her daughter Rebecca changes hotels every day to be able to find a free place to continue her quarantine abroad before being able to return to Quebec.

“It's not easy, but what do you want, there is no prize for my daughter”, she said in an interview on the show & nbsp; ; The week of 4 Julie , & nbsp; this Monday, & nbsp; in & nbsp; Noovo. & nbsp; ? ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw

Ms. Cyr, a single mother, also apologized to the public, caregivers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the employees of the Sunwing flight.

This & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; By Transport & nbsp; Canada & nbsp; After Images Showing & nbsp; Slips & nbsp; On Board & nbsp; (alcohol exchange, vaping, & nbsp; etc.) have been around the world. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Although she feels that her daughter regrets and understands her mistakes, Ms. Cyr still says she is angry with her. & nbsp;

“I opposed that trip. I did everything, I threatened her that I would not take her back to Montreal, ”she hammered, specifying that her daughter was unaware that she would be on the Julie Snyder show .

A well-felt message & nbsp;

Ms. Cyr ended her testimony by calling parents and young people to beware of dishonest people on social media. & nbsp;

Rebecca would have won this trip & nbsp; and & nbsp; was excited to be flying for the first time, & nbsp; according to her say. & nbsp;

The interviewee also confesses & nbsp; to have been afraid & nbsp; that it is & nbsp; a & nbsp; prostitution ring. & nbsp;

“There is some who are just looking for that on social networks, taking advantage of people […] it's free all the time. Me, I learned that nothing is free in life “, she concluded. & Nbsp;

As Mrs. Cyr said so well to host Julie Snyder : & nbsp; “mom & nbsp; one day, mom & nbsp; always”. & nbsp;

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